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Licence Agreement and Order Form

To order a set of plans by 'snail mail,' please print this page.

Use the Price Table below to determine the total cost of your order. Fill in all the information on the Order Form below, include a Check or Money order cashable in Canada, payable to "Martin Step," and mail your order to...

Martin Step
P.O. Box 20004
Pioneer Park Postal Outlet
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
N2P 2B4

Licence Agreement: The design of these boats are the intellectual property of John Winters and is protected by international copyright. As such, the plans are provided for personal use for the construction of one (1) boat only. Additional licenses are available from Green Valley Boat Works for $35.00 each. Use of the plans for any commercial purposes, sale of, or transfer of the plans to any third party is expressly prohibited. With the plans you will be provided with a licence number issued solely to you, and we require you to mark this number permanently on your boat for identification purposes. We suggest that the number be marked on the inside of the Stern Stem, along the Keel Line, in letters at least 1/4 inch high. Along with the plans, you will receive a designer's decal (snail-mail orders only), for you to apply to the finished boat, on the outside of the hull, about 2 inches below the gunwales, a few inches from the stern. Some of the model names we use are copyrighted by Swift Canoe & Kayak, and are used here with their permission.

Order Form:

     Boat Model Name          _________________________________________________________________________

     Your Name (please print) _________________________________________________________________________

     Address   ________________________________________________________________________________________



     Telephone ________________________________________________________________________________________

     E-mail    ________________________________________________________________________________________

Please sign below to indicate that you have read and understand the License Agreement above, and that you agree to comply with the terms.

     Signature _______________________________________________________   Date _________________________

     License No. (will be provided by Green Valley Boat Works)  _______________________________________

Thank you for your order.

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Step 1: Use the Price Table below to determine the cost of your order.

Note: For plans in electronic format, you may deduct the cost of Shipping & Handling if you are willing to accept the files as e-mail attachments only, and print your own paper templates.

"The Shape Of The Canoe" is available on CD-ROM, or, we can send it to you by if you want to save the shipping cost.

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We will then send you a response, confirming that we have received your order info and payment, and that the plans have been shipped.

Caution: Paper prints are not available for any plans offered exclusively in electronic format or on CD-R's. You will need to have those plans printed yourself.

Or, if you prefer, you can still send your order and payment directly to us. Please include a Check or Money Order for correct amount and currency of your order from the table above. Money Orders issued outside of Canada must be negotiable in Canada. If you pay by check, the order will be delayed until the check has had time to clear your bank. (HST Reg. No. R131144669)

You may also order your Green Valley Boat Works plans from Noahs Marine Supplies. They accept all major credit cards in either US or Canadian dollar accounts. Please Note: plans and books on CD-ROM are not stocked at any of our distributors at this time.

Prices as of May 9, 2020

Printed Plans, on E-Size Paper:
Item Canadian Orders Only US Orders International Orders
Canoe or Kayak Plans 89.95 89.95 89.95
Shipping & Handling 6.95 10.95 17.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only) 12.60 0.00 0.00
Total CAN 109.50 US 100.90 US 107.90
Canoe Plans plus Seat Plans 111.90 111.90 111.90
Shipping & Handling8.95 11.95 19.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only)15.71 0.00 0.00
TotalCAN 136.56 US 123.85 US 131.85
Seat Plans only, printed: 21.95 21.95 21.95
Shipping & Handling3.95 5.95 9.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only)3.37 0.00 0.00
TotalCAN 29.27 US 27.90 US 31.90
Square Stern North Canoe* 119.95 119.95 119.95
Shipping & Handling 10.95 19.95 24.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only) 17.02 0.00 0.00
Total CAN 147.92 US 139.90 US 144.90

* Note: An order for printed paper plans for the Square Stern North Canoe
will also include the full suite of design files in electronic format sent by e-transfer.

Plans in electronic format (dxf, dwg, pdf, doc) on CD-ROM, for PC and Mac:
Item Canadian Orders Only US Orders International Orders
Canoe or Kayak Plans on CD: 84.95 84.95 84.95
Shipping & Handling 4.95 7.95 10.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only) 11.68 0.00 0.00
Total CAN 101.58 US 92.90 US 95.90
Canoe Plans plus Seat Plans on CD: 99.95 99.95 99.95
Shipping & Handling4.95 7.95 10.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only)13.64 0.00 0.00
TotalCAN 118.54 US 107.90 US 110.90
Seat Plans only, on CD: 21.95 21.95 21.95
Shipping & Handling4.95 7.95 10.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only)3.50 0.00 0.00
TotalCAN 30.40 US 29.90 US 32.90

Note: If you prefer to have your order delivered by e-transfer only
simply deduct the shipping cost from the prices above.

"The Shape Of The Canoe," the book by John Winters, on a CD-R:
Item Canadian Orders Only US Orders International Orders
"The Shape of the Canoe" on CD-R: 19.95 19.95 19.95
Shipping & Handling 4.95 7.95 10.95
13% HST (Canadian orders only) 3.24 0.00 0.00
Total CAN 28.10 US 27.90 US 30.90